CHUI - The Intelligent Doorbell

For 214 Technologies, Nexus-Computing is developing the software platform for the intelligent Doorbell "CHUI" and advising in soft and hardware engineering.

CHUI is an intelligent doorbell, revolutionizing the home automation industry. By introcuing facial recognition technology to the entrance of your home, the smart home finally receives a smart door.

Android + Java + Video 4 Linux = Imagening the Future

For the CHUI project, embedded Android is used on an ARM Embedded System. With the mainline Kernel powering the platform. By introducing on-the-fly Java code hotplugin, Nexus-Computing has made development for the CHUI platform highly accessible and significantly improved performance over classic Embedded Android approaches.

Video for Linux performance is key to image processing and facial recognition. By optimizing image buffering and memory handling, Nexus-Computing enables the CHUI project to handle high duty processing on a low power platform.

By creating a custom update mechanism for CHUI, Nexus-Computing enabled the project to easily update devices from a central repository.

Innovating the Home Automation Market

With the introduction of facial recognition on the door steps, CHUI has been successful in acquiring large focus from venture investors and major technology observants such as TechCrunch, CNET and VentureBeat.

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