JinnBot - Smart Robotics

For Jinn-Bot GmbH, Nexus-Computing is supplying the software architecture and implementation to control and program the robot products using Android.

By introducing a revolutionary software interface for their robots, Nexus-Computing supports Jinn-Bot in addressing a broad spectrum of markets such as universities and middle schools. Thanks to the flexibilty of the programming interface, entry level software engineers as well as advanced programmers are able to make use of the various features the robotic hardware provides.

Human Robot, Kitty, Robotic Arm ... the limit is the imagination

Nexus-Computing has built an universal engine for robotic systems. This way, programming motor motions, responding to sensors, listening to voice input and reacting to network connections is enabled for all devices of Jinn-Bot.

Their newest product, "Robot-Arm" has been enabled by the Software with 0 lines of code.

Unique Features at your Fingertips

With the innovative way Jinn-Bot offers taking control of their robots, their unique position in the current market allows them to address a wide spectrum of clients. With their involvment in robotic communities such as DARPA and NoDNA, Jinn-Bot are favoring their knowledge of the industry gather over the course of a decade.

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